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Based on 9 Review(s).

A2Z AUTO SALES, 01/26/2019

Special thanks to Parveen Kaur Dhillon, the Community Branch Manager.
Our company had a hiccup with a bank draft that was originally issued by this branch ( we lost it and requested to block it and get issued a new one). We were in contact with the company to get a satisfactory result. Unfortunately, the company’s policies were NOT helpful by any means. Sadly, they Khalsa Credit Union was trying to hold on to $31,000 of our money for as long as 6 months, although the Lost Draft was Blocked! (I should admit the losing part was clearly our fault and they were not to blame). Luckily, we found the original draft after a week or two, and returned it to the bank and got a new one. All and all, we are NOT satisfied with the way Khalsa is dealing with cases as such and their reasonings are not logical or satisfactory. But, Parveen was nothing but helpful. She made every effort to ease the process by being a good listener, and showing a true care. Thanks Parveen and we wish you success in your life’s journey . Your company in our opinion deserves a ZERO star review. They owe you the FIVE STARS!
One more thing, the lady teller was also very kind. She was patient and a great help. Sadly, I forgot her name, but she was really patient with all the stress that I had at the time, which I am sure, must have effected her as well. But during the entire time, she remained calm and kind.
Matty K. A2Z AUTO LTD.

Banti malhy sat sir akal ji Malhy, 12/02/2018

this bank is so good I am so happy

H Madan, 03/03/2019

Always under staffed. The have poor customer service. Been to this branch a had full of times have never had a good experience. Finally gave up and decided to close and move my accounts. But even closing the account is a pain in the butt.

isher singh nahal, 06/09/2019

Khalsa bank is great i am going this bank they have a great deal to all customers

Jagjit Singh, 01/30/2020

Been there couple times, no complaints.
Helpful staff that’s always ready to help.