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Bisla Martial Arts

Bisla Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA and fitness programs.

Bisla, Bisla Martial Arts, Martial Arts,Kickboxing,Thai Pads,Focus mitts,GYM Sports,Fitness,Fat Burning Exercises, Surrey, BC.

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Google Reviews - Rating 4.3 / 5

Based on 27 Review(s).

BATRA Fitness, 03/05/2020

The best boxing gym in BC. If you’d like to improve your striking, stand-up or overall health. This is the place to go, if u live in Surrey/Delta.

Dilawar Dhanoa, 03/06/2020

Coming here Is a must wether you want to get in shape or learn to fight! Instructors are super welcoming and its friendly for all ages!

Erik Johnson, 03/05/2020

Amazing facility! Exceptional instructors! Especially coach Baneet, always kind and welcoming with his smile! Keep up the good work!

Guki Sanghera, 01/30/2020

I highly recommend this facility for people of all ages.
Tremendous training and world class coaches, that have a stable of young hard working champions. These guys are the role models of our community. Keep up the good work!!

Harkerat Nijjar, 03/05/2020

Easily the best gym in the province. Whether that be for self defense, getting into shape, or even competing. Highly reccomend for ANYONE interested in joining martial arts.