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Google Reviews - Rating 3 / 5

Based on 53 Review(s).

Deep Gidda, 02/09/2020

Good prices and quality work but there is no way to know when they will come. They originally came in to do work at my new house they completed most of it in the first couple of days (8 bathrooms full shower and mirrors, 10 closets, glass railing for 2 sets of stairs, and a glass black splash for my bar) but the problem was when they never came back to finish off the small details like adding towel holders to the glass shower doors, add soap holders plates, etc. I would call them almost daily for 4 months and they would say they are sending someone everyday. Last week they finally sent someone and he finished most of the work but left a few adjustments that needed to be done and left without saying anything. I am far to fed up of calling in everyday and asking for my work to be finished. The thing I have learned building my first house is to never pay for the full work until everything has been done to your satisfaction.

Frank Srobotnjak, 10/16/2020

There’s a lot of bad reviews and good reviews for this company.
I think it depends which representative you are dealing with.
I drove into their shop in Surrey in August of 2019 to request some resizing of the aluminum frame and replacement guides for the bathtub door that already existed in the house I bought.(there name was on the product and I was so glad it was a local company!!),
A very nice gentleman told me it would be cheaper to buy a whole new sliding bathtub door assembly-quoted $115 for the whole package. He said if I provided the dimensions of the length required that would also be done at no charge.(but he stipulated there would be no refunds if I provided the wrong dimensions-I’m okay with that) I ended up buying just some bumpers for my existing bathrooms.
Fast forward to August 2020(1year later). There is now a lady at the front desk and she quotes me a price of “$145” plus tax and she says that they won’t cut the frame length for me at all.
I was not happy with this visit but ended up buying the product anyway because I didn’t have time to search elsewhere and my tenants were moving in shortly.
They had the product in stock but failed to supply an instruction manual, when I inquired about it they printed one off for me.
When I went to install the bathtub sliding ,glass door assembly I cut according to specifications but then realized these were the instructions for a different bathtub door assembly.
Luckily I was able to figure out how to install anyway.
Still the overall experience was a disappointment. Price and service wise.

Jaggy Purewal, 06/19/2020

We had ordered all of our shower doors and closet builds from ACME and can say it was terrific. The staff was very kind and efficient while working. We had got prompt replies and all of our work was done in a timely manner. Highly recommend ACME for any and all future needs.

Jaspreet Singh, 10/23/2020

Stay away from these guys. They have very bad manners and they don’t treat customers as customers at all. Stay away from Jay!!

Neel Tang, 08/28/2020

Value custom service, always polite on the phone